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You're well on your way to finding out about the best online sportsbooks in the industry here at It's probably no secret what we are about, judging by the name on our domain. But that's the point. We don't beat around the bush, and we provide exactly the information that you'd expect to find. Enjoy browsing through and reading the pertinent information that we've collected and written about through several years of research and experience.

What exactly can be found on the site? There are a range of different topics that will be covered, with the main idea giving American gamblers options for online sports wagering. There are plenty of choices out there, and we've taken the liberty to review these options and present findings to our readers. It's not just giving opinions on sportsbooks though; it's based primarily on facts. The makeup of a sportsbook is discussed, and then tailored to the specific choices that can be found online.

There are several reasons that make it important to choose the right sportsbook for you. First and foremost, you will want to go with an online sports gambling website that has an outstanding reputation. This is not to say that the industry on the whole is shady or not legit. This is not a testimonial for the legitimacy of the industry; this is already assumed. What this means is that different sportsbooks can meet the needs of different bettors. Whether it's the betting lines, different deposit methods, payouts, sportsbook bonuses or other facets, prospective bettors might place an importance on one over the other.

But why listen to us? Well, we've got plenty of experience when it comes to betting sports online. We're not talking about just the practice of placing a bet, but researching the industry and breaking down sportsbooks to make them easy to understand and follow. By examining a sportsbook at its core and the different aspects that come from it, bettors are able to pinpoint the one that makes the most sense for them. The uniqueness of the bettor is the point here. Each bettor is different, whether in how much they choose to bet, what odds that look for, and a range of other aspects. That is where we come in and why it would be a good idea to read about what we have to say.

Best Online Sportsbooks For USA Players

Check out a few great sportsbooks below, among which you will be able to find several of the details that we've already discussed in general. For more information on these sites, we would recommend that you consult our full review of each, which will include much more information on what you can expect.

Bovada Sportsbook

Limited Acceptance... Those Who Are Absolutely Love It Though!!!

Bovada is a fantastic sportsbook to check out. This sports betting site is an American player's best friend, with plenty of great odds to choose from in terms of U.S. sports. In fact, the American player is the focal point of Bovada, which is why every deposit and payout option is accessible for U.S. bettors. Bovada accepts players in 47 states. The only states in which new accounts cannot be accepted are New York, Washington, and Maryland.


BetOnline Sportsbook

Friendly Deposit + Payout Options For Americans

A full stock of betting odds covering a wide range of sports can be found at BetOnline. All states in the U.S. can sign up for an account here, as BetOnline welcomes them. Real money wagers are legal for American players, with instant deposit options and very quick payout methods to pick from. BetOnline also has one of the best sportsbook bonuses you will find anywhere in the industry.



Bonus For Life Promotion Better Than Most Other Bookmakers

The sportsbook at SportsBetting is one of the most complete betting sites available in the American betting market. Those in all 50 states who meet the legal age requirement in their area are able to bet at SportsBetting. There are plenty of betting odds to pick from, including game lines, props, futures, and more. Wager types are plentiful here as well, which suits many different preferences of bettors.


Why Are The Online Sportsbooks Shown Above Recommended?

There are several reasons that we recommend these sportsbooks over others. It has to do with many of the things we talked about at the onset of this page. These sites have great reputations in the industry so that is obviously a big reason.

But more than that, they offer some great betting odds that cover many sports in the U.S. They are competitive in the odds they offer and they ensure that several methods of deposit are accepted to cater to different players. Payouts are of course very important, and these sportsbooks give several choices plus they are fast. In total, the overall quality of the sports betting sites mentioned here are at the top of the industry, and should be the first to be looked at when deciding where to wager.

Still Need More Help?

We recommend two different help outlets to you so that you find the best USA sportsbooks available. First, consult our full reviews on the sites we've talked about for more in depth information that is provided. This will cover a ton of good information on each of the betting sites found on this page. But if you are looking for more information, then there is another area to visit. The customer service department at the sites will be available to bettors. Whether through email, phone, or instant messaging, the sites try to be as reachable as possible.

We try to cover all the aspects of a site that we think you need to know, but sometimes different questions or problems will arise. This is when you should consult the site itself and ask.

Best Legal Online Sportsbooks + Sports Betting Sites

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